Aaron Davila is a licensed and bonded Notary Public offering impeccable Mobile Notary services throughout Southern California. With a focus on professionalism and convenience, Aaron is committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience. He is flexible and accommodating, willing to travel to a range of locations including businesses, residences, and hospitals. Simply put, Aaron is available to provide notarization, wherever and whenever his clients require it.


Aaron is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in banking, finance, and real estate that has prepared him well to excel in the field of notarizing estate planning documents. With a track record of success in his current role as a self-employed notary public, Aaron has become a trusted partner to a wide range of estate planning professionals throughout Southern California. His wealth of experience and unique skill set make him an invaluable resource to attorneys seeking a dependable and expert notary for their clients’ estate planning needs. So, if you’re looking for an experienced professional who can bring the knowledge, expertise, and dedication needed to help your clients navigate the process of getting their estate planning notarized, look no further than Aaron.

When he’s not busy building his notary business, Aaron leads an active and fulfilling personal life that revolves around his family and his passions. As an avid sports fan, Aaron rises early on the weekends to catch the latest European soccer league matches. He also enjoys staying fit through running and embraces every opportunity to bond with his wife Michon and son Elias. Aaron is a devoted pet owner who loves doting on his furry family members – two dogs named Beauty and Copper and a cat named Winston.


Aaron is very reliable and provides efficient and professional service. I highly recommend him.

William Huestis – Attorney, W Legal

“Aaron is the best. I work around his schedule just so I can employ his services. He offers competitive pricing and is always accommodating with scheduling. He is unfailingly prompt for appointments and executes his duties with precision and efficiency. He is organized, precise and ensures documents remain in order. He is appropriately personable with my clients, and they are consistent in offering positive reviews after a signing session with Aaron. I hesitate to write this review because I know he will become so busy that his availability will be reduced, but he certainly deserves your business. “

Amy Peters – Attorney, Estate Planning Preservation Group

“Aaron Davila is amazing! He has been my mobile notary for about four years now. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, he has become my primary notary for estate planning work. He will go to the client’s house, he will meet us at my office, he will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of the client in the safest manner possible. I highly recommend Aaron!”

Elisabeth Silva – Attorney, Law Offices of Elisabeth Silva

“Aaron is reliable and professional. He shows up on time and is respectful to others. He’s also personable. I have no reservations about highly recommending Aaron for mobile notary services. “

Andy S. Yun – Attorney, Law offices of Andy S. Yun

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